Board of Directors


The Partnership For Children of Wayne County is governed by a local all-volunteer Board of Directors.

Goal:  Together with other directors, the Board is responsible for ensuring effective and fiscally sound programs and operations by providing leadership, advice, and direction to the staff and volunteers of the organization.

Joe Setzer, Chair
Bill Batts, Vice-Chair
Paul Rutter, Treasurer
Selena Bennett, Secretary
Donna Phillips, At-Large
Lynne Fulghum
Linda Holden-Cox
Shirvon Holland
Kevin Johnson
David Lewis
Davin Madden
Katherine T. MacDonald
Grazia Mostella
Joshua Overton
Patty Pfeiffer
David Poythress
Faye Reeves
John Richards

Responsibilities of a Partnership Board
1.  Determine, clarify, and sustain the partnership’s vision and mission.
2.  Select the Executive Director.
3.   Support the Executive Director, and regularly evaluate in writing his/her performance.
4.   Engage in strategic and organizational planning.
5.   Ensure that there are adequate resources.
6.   See that resources are managed effectively.
7.   Approve and monitor the partnership’s programs and services e.g. monitor results.
8.   Understand the relationship between board and staff.
9.   Enhance, at all times, the partnership’s image in the community.
10. Carefully select and orient new board members.
11. Organize itself so that the board operates efficiently.
12. Assess its own performance.

For more information on our meetings, or how to volunteer with the Partnership, please contact Charles Ivey, Executive Director, at 919-735-3371 ext. 225 or at


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