young-moms-logoYoung Moms Connect is a program that connects young women ages 13-24 who are pregnant and/or parenting with a range of services in Wayne County.   This three year initiative is funded through the NC Division of Health and Human Services and Division of Public Health- Women’s Health Branch.

YMC is committed to:

  • the educational successes of young moms.
  • ensure children are safe, nurtured, and supported in their development.
  • the health of moms and children including prenatal health, reproductive life planning, smoking cessation, well-baby checks, and more.
  • the success and self sufficiency of families.

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Many agencies throughout Wayne County are collaborating with the goal of connecting and coordinating care for these young women and their children.  The Partnership for Children of Wayne County is the lead agency in this collaborative effort.

Partnering agencies include:
Partnership for Children (Prenatal Education Classes)                      Wayne Memorial Hospital
Cooperative Extension Services (Parents as Teachers)                     Department of Social Services
WAGES (Healthy Families America)                                                        Wayne Community College
Wayne County Health Department                                                           Wayne Uplift Resource Association
Wayne County Public Schools                                                                  Wayne Pregnancy Care Center
Goldsboro Pediatrics                                                                                  Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.

North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation
Text 4 Baby Foundation
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Visit our Facebook page at or the state’s YMC Facebook page at

For more information contact Cassie Kermode at (919) 735-3371, ext. 230 or visit the Young Moms Connect website.