Research indicates that a child’s quality of life and the contributions he or she will make to society can be directly traced to the first few years of life, back to those first 2,000 days. We know through research that high-quality early education yields higher graduation rates, reduced crime, higher earnings, and better jobs.

As a result, economists estimate that every dollar invested in early education produces a 10% return on investment through increased personal achievement and social productivity.

Early childhood investments produced sustained results at the local, state, and national level and are critical to keeping the United States competitive in a global market.

The business of child care has significant impact on the local economy.  In Wayne County, there are approximately 700 people employed in the child care field, in about 100 facilities.  In the state of North Carolina, approximately 50,000 full-time jobs are in the field of early child education.  This figure is more than chemical manufacturing, nursing care facilities, or warehouse clubs and superstores.  (Information from the INSIGHT center for community economic growth).

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