You can help bring The Partnership for Children of Wayne County one step closer to ensuring that high quality early care and learning is a priority for our community.  It’s easy! We provide everything you need to do—from posting to your Facebook Page to contacting a representative.

And there is urgency . . . remember there are only 2,000 days from when a baby is born until he/she begins kindergarten.  Experiences during that time have a lasting impact on later learning, health, and success.

Click to visit the 2,000 days website and join us.  Together we can make a difference!

NC MomsRising

Chutes and LaddersNC MomsRising has partnered with The First 2000 Days Campaign to create a giant Chutes & Ladders board to spread the word that giving our kids a good start is not a game.  They visited Wayne County Friday, April 12, 2013 at the First Presbyterian Church in Goldsboro, North Carolina.  MomsRising hosted games along with crafts, snacks, hula hoops, music, and more.

Based on the classic Chutes & Ladders game, the board highlights the investments that move NC’s children ahead or set them back—investments like early learning, education, child care, infant mortality prevention, and health care.

It’s a fun, powerful way to remind our communities and leaders that investing in kids means investing in NC’s future!

The Partnership and PAT staff played Chutes and ladders with children at the MomsRising event.                                             Mayor King
The Partnership and PAT’s staff played a lifesize                                                            Mayor Alfonso King greeted a girl
Chutes and Ladders game with some children.                                                             that “never met a mayor before”
at the MomsRising event.


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