Our Funding

The Partnership for Children of Wayne County (PFCW) is an umbrella organization for early childhood education programs and services in Wayne County.  PFCW is funded through the North Carolina legislature, corporations, foundations, fundraisers, and individual donors.

The Partnership relies on the support of the local community for sponsorship of events such as the Born Learning Festival funded by the United Way of Wayne County.

Volunteers contribute valuable hours by working on commitees and assisting with special projects and fundraisers.

Grants and Request For Proposals (RFP’s)
The RFP Process is closed.

Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Breakdown
Smart Start Proceeds FYE17                                                             $    1,724,848
NC Pre-K Proceeds FYE17                                                                $    2,996,086
Grants, Donations, Fundraiser, and Workshop FYE17                       $       128,929
In-Kind Contributions                                                                           $       345,199
–                                                                                                            ——————
Total Proceeds for FYE17                                                                     $  5,195,072

Annual Reports break down
Annual Report FYE 2016
Annual Report FYE 2015
Annual Report – FYE 2014
Annual Report- FYE 2013
Annual Report- FYE 2012


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